Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of you rating my P&S reports versus just doing it myself?
A: Obviously, you could rate the reports yourself. However, with our service you receive a professionally prepared rating, an analysis of deviations made by the doctor from the AMA Guides, and you get the rating in 24 hours! You free up time to do other tasks, avoid costly penalties, and most of all – make your day just a little easier.

Q: Why do you offer 24 hour turnaround on your ratings without charging an extra fee?
A: The answer is simple: You are busy, we work for you, and you need your rating NOW, not 2 weeks from now.

Q: How do I submit a request for rating?
A: Print out our referral form and fax the completed form along with your P&S report to 619-330-2490. Magically, no more than 24 hours later, you will receive your rating back via fax or email. It’s that simple!!

Q: What if I have other questions that aren’t answered here?
A: You can email us at
You can call us at 800-859-1870
Either way, we will get back to you in a “Snap!”